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Creating Your Health Coaching Website? Start With These 8 Essential Questions

If you’re in the process of creating your health coaching website, answer these 8 essential questions before getting started to make the process easier for yourself and to attract your dream health coaching clients with your website. 

1. Who is my niche audience and what are their needs?

The copywriting on your website should speak directly to your target audience. What are their biggest health and wellness goals? Where are they currently at in their wellness journey and where do they desire to be in the future? How do they want to feel?

Ultimately, your ideal client should feel super excited to work with you and should say “She gets me! This is exactly what I need right now!” You can conduct keyword research with free tools online (such as Google Keyword Planner), to know what phrases and keywords your niche audience is searching for, and add those words to your website.

Speak to your niche audience and not everyone, because speaking to everyone means speaking to no one.

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2. What are my unique selling points and how can I showcase them on my website?

What makes you different from the other health coaches with wellness websites? Is it your health transformation? Your wellness philosophy? Your holistic approach to health and wellness?

Different health coaching program offerings (such as yoga, meditation, meal prep)? Confidently showcase your unique skills and expertise on your website to stand out from other online wellness service providers. 

3. What CTA (calls-to-action) should I include on my website to encourage visitors to take action?

Create CTA’s (calls-to-action) that align with your health coaching business goals. If your goal is to get more opt-ins for your lead magnet, add “Snag FREE recipe guide!” to your homepage.

Want more discovery call bookings? Add “Book FREE discovery call” to your website. Whichever business goal you have, align it with your website CTA. I recommend adding at least one CTA to every webpage. 

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4. What features and pages should my website have to effectively promote my services?

If you’re unsure what pages to have on your website, keep it super simple. Most wellness websites have a Home, About, Work With Me, and Contact page. Besides legal pages, these are the most important pages you’ll have on your site, so start with these four pages. You can always add more web pages later (such as FAQs, Resources, Blog, etc).

Some features you might want to add are testimonials to build credibility and trust with your audience, a contact form so potential clients and brands can easily get in contact with you, a social media integration to grow and connect with your audience, and an integrated online scheduler so prospective clients can easily book a free discovery call. Making it super easy for website visitors to contact you will encourage them to take the next step to work with you.

5. What design elements and color schemes will best represent my brand and appeal to my target audience?

Branding is essential to differentiate yourself from other health coaches. Having a mood board, fonts, a color palette, a logo, and quality visuals gives a major boost to your health coaching brand’s credibility and makes you memorable. Ensure that these branding elements resonate with your niche audience and brand vibe.

You can always DIY, however, a web designer who also designs branding can be super helpful in creating these important visual elements that will elevate your wellness brand. If you want to learn more about branding for your health coaching business, read this article: 5 Essential Website Branding Tips for Health Coaches.

6. What website platform will best suit my needs and technical abilities?  

Choosing the right website builder makes all the difference in being able to create your website easily and update it to keep it current and engaging for website visitors. I recommend Squarespace or Showit for a beginner-friendly website interface.

They both offer drag-and-drop elements, which makes it super easy for you to build your wellness website. If you need help with choosing a website builder, read this article: 8 Simple Steps to Choose the Best Website Builder for Health Coaches.

7. How will I optimize my website for search engines to attract organic traffic?

Starting (and maintaining) a blog is a great way to grow organic traffic to your website. Boost your website SEO (search engine optimization) by adding keywords to your website and blog posts. SEO is a long-term strategy, but will pay off well once you have a strategy in place and your blog posts are ranking well on Google searches. You can also promote your website on other social channels such as YouTube and Pinterest to increase website traffic. 

8. How will I measure the success of my website?

What will success look like for your health coaching website? Is it the number of monthly website visitors? Lead magnet opt-ins? Free discovery call bookings? Having a tool to measure these metrics is essential to ensure your website is converting website visitors to clients.

Your website builder might have an integrated analytics tool (or you could connect your website to Google Analytics). Your email and scheduling tool should also have an analytics tool you can reference to review your monthly metrics. 

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Overall, by answering these 8 questions (before building your website) you can create a strategic health coaching website that effectively promotes your health coaching services and attracts your dream clients.

Creating your own health coaching website can be overwhelming and super time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! Launching your website gets to be easy. Learn more about my custom wellness website designs, and leave the DIY website design overwhelm behind!

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This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

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I'm Kate,
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