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5 Common Health Coach Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Are you making one (or a few) of these common health coach branding mistakes with your wellness brand? If so, you can make a few simple changes to transform your wellness branding.

However, if you don’t have any branding for your health coaching business, this is a great place to begin to ensure you start on the right track.

Overall, branding is powerful because it attracts your dream health coaching clients and helps you stand out and be memorable amongst other certified health coaches. Let’s get started!

1. No brand story 

Your wellness story, or health transformation, can be the very thing that sets you apart from other certified health coaches. You are unique. Your wellness story is unique.

The challenges, triumphs, roadblocks, and achievements, all made you who you are today, and it all matters. By authentically sharing your story, you can inspire and give hope to another woman who was once where you were at the beginning of her health journey.

It can remind your audience that they’re not alone in their struggles and that if you can overcome and succeed it’s possible for them too. It makes you relatable and can create a great connection with your audience. Prospective clients will want to work with you as their health coach because you get it.

You’re credible, you’ve been in their shoes, and have gone through the same setbacks and achieved similar wellness goals they want for themselves. Ultimately, people buy from people, not brands.

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2. Using too many stock photos

Although having stock photos on your website or Instagram feed is perfectly fine, having too many can create a disconnect with your audience. It can make website visitors feel as though your wellness brand is inauthentic.

Also, that same stock photo is probably on so many other health coach websites and Instagram feeds which can seem like your wellness brand has no originality.

I recommend taking a few quality photos on your smartphone or DSLR camera and replacing any stock photos that don’t fully represent your brand well. By having your photos taken you can fully showcase your wellness brand and show your personality through your photos.

Your potential clients and audience want to see and know the person behind the health coach brand and business. They want to see you and your face, because it’s relatable and shows that you’re a human just like them. So, don’t be camera shy – go for it!

3. No cohesive color palette

Your wellness brand can really stand out in this crowded, digital wellness space by having cohesive colors on your website, social platforms, and marketing materials. From bold to bohemian to minimalistic, there’s a color palette that fits perfectly with your brand and audience.

I recommend browsing Pinterest color palettes for inspiration and referring to color wheels online that showcase colors that complement one another. This will be helpful so you don’t choose colors that clash together.

Also, less is more. Choose up to 5 colors. This includes a primary color with secondary colors that pair well with the primary color.

If you need some wellness brand inspiration, check out these health coach mood boards!

4. Not having a logo

You don’t need the most fanciest-looking logo with all of these different elements. A simple, original wordmark logo is more than enough. A branded logo that compliments your color palette and typography gives you a competitive advantage because not many health coaches have a branded logo.

Also, your wellness brand will be more recognizable to your audience (which is always a win in my book). Overall, you want potential clients to recall and recognize your wellness brand so they’ll eventually purchase your products and become health coaching clients.

Here’s an example of a wordmark logo:

5. Inconsistent branding

Having cohesive wellness branding across your website, social media channels, and marketing materials creates a strong brand identity that makes you memorable to your niche audience.

When a potential health coaching client views your website, Instagram, and reads your email newsletter you want everything to be consistent.

From the color palette to fonts, logos, and visuals. This shows that you have a professional, intentional brand that’s legit. Also, it provides a wonderful user experience that over time can create a loyal, engaged following and clients.

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I’m excited to see how your health coach branding turns out. If you found out that you’re making a few of the brand mistakes mentioned here, don’t worry. You can take steps to make changes to update your current branding by doing it yourself or by hiring a brand designer.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any branding for your health coach business at the moment, I highly recommend making that happen soon. It will greatly benefit your health coaching business! 

Creating your own health coaching website (and branding) can be overwhelming and super time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! Launching your branded website gets to be easy. Learn more about my custom wellness website designs here, and leave the website overwhelm behind!

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I stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

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I'm Kate,
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