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8 Website Myths Holding Your Health Coach Business Back

It’s time to separate fact from fiction. From design pitfalls to other misunderstandings, let’s dispel 8 website myths to unlock the true potential of your health coach website and business. 

1. Aesthetic over substance 

Myth: A stunning health coach website is all I need.

Reality: While aesthetics matter, a lack of engaging, relevant content and great user experience can hinder your website’s effectiveness.

An aesthetic website paired with an effective website strategy is essential to reach your unique health coach business goals. Ultimately, a lot of strategic planning goes into building a successful, converting wellness website that also looks aesthetically appealing. Knowing your health coach business goals is a great start. 

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2. Build it, they will come 

Myth: Just having a website is sufficient for attracting health coaching clients.

Reality: Active promotion, SEO, and valuable content are essential for driving traffic and engagement. 

For example, you could promote your latest blog post and share it with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Creating an effective website and blog SEO strategy would also be super beneficial to reach more of your ideal clients. 

3. One-size-fits-all design 

Myth: Using generic templates is okay.

Reality: Tailoring your website to your unique coaching style and audience is crucial for building a connection with your audience. 

Your health coach brand and business can stand out from the noisy online wellness space by having a unique website design that’s not cookie-cutter like every other health coach’s website. Website templates are amazing, however, it’s always best to make some changes to add originality and authenticity. 

Need some wellness design inspiration? Check out these branded health coach website examples with moodboards!

4. Set it and forget it

Myth: Once the website is up, I’m done.

Reality: Regular updates, fresh content, and staying current with industry trends are key to maintaining relevance. 

I recommend keeping your health coach website active with new content that your audience can look forward to. A blog or podcast are great ways to stay top of mind with your audience. Also, periodically update your website brand photos, product and service suite, and any other website information to keep things fresh and up-to-date. 

5. Social media is optional

Myth: A strong online presence doesn’t require social media integration.

Reality: Social platforms are powerful tools for expanding your reach and connecting with your audience.

Add your business social icons, and Instagram social grid, to the footer of your website so your audience can stay connected with you. This is a great way to build a wonderful, engaged online community. 

6. A lot of information is best 

Myth: Loading your site with lots of information is beneficial. 

Reality: Clear, concise content is more impactful to avoid overwhelming visitors with excessive details.

Less is always better when it comes to website copy. Your health coach website shouldn’t look like an essay crammed with lots of text information, because it can cause website visitors to leave the website. Having a visually appealing website with minimal copy is so important. Break up the text by adding graphics, videos, white space, and other elements to create a clean, cohesive design. 

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7. Mobile optimization doesn’t matter  

Myth: Most users access websites on desktops, so mobile optimization isn’t a priority.

Reality: Mobile-friendly design is crucial, as a significant portion of users browse on smartphones or tablets.

Ensure mobile design has copy that’s readable, and not too small or large, and imagery that properly fits a mobile interface. The website design should be consistent and user-friendly for desktop, tablet, and mobile users. 

8. DIY saves money 

Myth: Designing your website from scratch saves money.

Reality: Investing in a website designer ensures a beautiful and effective site, potentially saving you time and stress.

Although DIY’ing your website is possible with the many website design platforms, there’s more than meets the eye. There’s research, planning, SEO (search engine optimization), branding, and strategically designing a website that aligns with your unique health coach business goals.

Designing a website isn’t a small project and may cause you to feel overwhelmed and not know what to do or where to start. By letting go of these 8 website myths, I hope you’ll be able to elevate your online presence for optimal success.

If website DIY isn’t something you want to do on your own, I’d be happy to create a beautifully branded health coach website that aligns with your wellness business. Learn more about my custom wellness website designs here, and leave the website overwhelm behind!

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I'm Kate,

an IIN health coach turned Showit website designer who stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

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I stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

As a result, I create branded Showit website designs for certified health coaches, so they can confidently share their website, and stand out in the crowded digital health and wellness space. 

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I'm Kate,
an IIN Health Coach turned web designer.



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