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7 Essential Elements Your Wellness Website is Missing

Whether you’re building your health coach website from scratch, or revamping your existing website, don’t miss out on adding these 7 essential website elements for a compelling wellness website. 

1. Responsive design 

Your health coach website should look great not only on desktop but also on mobile and tablet devices. Having a mobile-optimized website is so essential because pretty much everyone browses the internet on their phone.

Text should be readable, images not too small or large, and overall have a cohesive design. Many website platforms, such as Showit, give you the ability to design your website for desktop and mobile. Overall, providing a wonderful website user experience for multiple devices will encourage website visitors to remain on your website. 

Need some wellness design inspiration? Check out these branded health coach website examples with moodboards!

2. Contact information 

Make it super easy for prospective clients, or any other inquirers, to get in touch with you. I recommend adding your business email to the footer of your website and, of course, having a ‘Contact’ page with a contact form. 

3. Services and pricing information 

As a certified health coach, what do you offer? 1-on-1 health coaching? Group health coaching? Workshops? Classes? Digital products? Boldly, and clearly, outline your services and pricing structure to help visitors understand what you offer and the associated costs. 

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4. Call-to-action (CTA)

The absence of clear calls to action can result in missed opportunities. Include compelling buttons or links prompting visitors to schedule a free consultation, subscribe to newsletters and freebies, or engage in other relevant actions. It’s best to align your website call-to-actions with what most aligns with your unique health coach business goals. I recommend having a CTA on every main website page.

Essentially, make the next step you want website visitors to take straightforward. For example, embed an automated scheduler to your website for prospective clients to seamlessly book a free consultation before leaving your website.

5. Social media integration 

Not linking or integrating social media profiles is a missed chance to expand your online presence. Ensure your website includes links to your business social media accounts to foster a broader community. I recommend adding your business social icons to the footer of your website. 

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6. Regularly updated blog or resources section 

Maintain an active blog or resources section to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to your health coaching niche, and keep visitors engaged with relevant information. If writing blog posts isn’t your thing, you can have a ‘Podcast’ page where you frequently add your latest podcast episodes with show notes and relevant links. 

Over time, with consistency, you can build a loyal following that’s excited to purchase your offerings, read your blog, and listen to your podcast each week. A ‘Resources’ page would also be a great addition, for your valuable freebies, which can help to grow your email list community. You could also add your favorite wellness products that align and resonate with you, your brand, and your audience. 

7. Client testimonials 

Many health coach websites miss the opportunity to showcase positive feedback from satisfied clients. Including testimonials builds trust and provides social proof of your coaching effectiveness. Testimonials can be the very thing that encourages prospective clients to take the next step, and book a free consultation call with you, or purchase your products. 

As you can see, a lot goes into building and creating a strategic health coach website that delivers results, and adding these 7 essential elements are the building blocks for a successful online presence. As you design or refine your website, remember that it’s not just about aesthetics – it’s about creating an engaging and user-friendly platform that also reflects your passion for health and wellness.

If website DIY isn’t something you want to do on your own, I’d be happy to create a beautifully branded health coach website that aligns with your wellness business. Learn more about my custom wellness website designs here, and leave the website overwhelm behind!

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I'm Kate,

an IIN health coach turned Showit website designer who stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

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I stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

As a result, I create branded Showit website designs for certified health coaches, so they can confidently share their website, and stand out in the crowded digital health and wellness space. 

Welcome to my online home, I’m so glad you’re here! 

I'm Kate,
an IIN Health Coach turned web designer.



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