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5 Health Coach Web Design Mistakes to Avoid (Part 2)

Today, I’m spilling all the juicy details on some of the health coach website design mistakes you might be making. If you haven’t already, be sure to read part 1 of this article: 5 Health Coach Web Design Mistakes to Avoid.

So, grab your green juice, get comfy, and let’s chat about how to keep your website looking fresh and fabulous. Your digital domain is about to get a serious makeover – let’s do this!

1. Lack of consistent branding

Having a cohesive brand for your health coaching business will allow you to stand out from the noisy online wellness space. A logo, color palette, typography, brand pillars, and brand photos go a long way in building credibility and leaving a lasting impression on your ideal clients.

Consistent branding doesn’t just stop with a website, it expands into your social channels, email, products, and more! There are a plethora of online resources online (articles, videos, podcasts, and more), which can be super helpful if you’re into DIY. You can also hire a freelancer from well-known freelance websites, or you can hire a professional brand and website designer to do the heavy lifting for you. 

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Ultimately, brand recognition helps to build the know, like, trust factor with your online audience – which is highly beneficial for a successful health coaching practice. It also will help you attract your dream clients and be top-of-mind!

2. Lack of testimonials and social proof

Most of us value online reviews before we make purchases, right? Before a prospective client decides to work with you, they want to know that you can deliver results and transformations. It builds your credibility and trust. 

You can have a dedicated testimonials page on your website. I also recommend sprinkling testimonials throughout your entire website. From the homepage to the services page and about page.

It makes prospective clients go from skeptical of your health coaching services to “I must book a call with her because she knows exactly what she’s doing and can help me overcome “X!” (A major struggle they want help with).

3. No custom 404/error page

Have you ever been on a website, clicked on a link, and got redirected to an error page? Don’t you just want to exit the website entirely? This is known as a 404 page, and I highly recommend that you customize this page! 

If someone gets redirected to your error page they will more than likely exit your website. However, we want website visitors to stay on your website for as long as possible! Instead of a basic error page that leads nowhere, you can add super valuable elements instead. 

This could include:

  • Links to popular blog posts
  • Links to your social channels
  • Contact page
  • Newsletter field form for your lead magnet (build that email list!)
  • Any other elements that would make sense for your specific health coaching business

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4. Slow website speed

A website that loads slowly can be the difference between booking clients consistently and losing out on clients.  You can establish trust, credibility, and authority by simply testing your website speed with free tools online and making adjustments, such as compressing your images, if needed. 

Also, search engines prioritize faster loading websites. A slow website can get pushed lower in search ranking results, which can make it challenging for your dream clients to discover your website! A seamless and efficient website displays professionalism and shows that you have great attention to detail. 

5. No whitespace for the layout 

I think we can all agree that when we land on a website we don’t want to see cluttered chaos. It can make anyone want to immediately exit the page because it doesn’t provide a great user experience and is too “noisy”. 

A cohesive, balanced website has the right amount of space between content and various elements. It not only looks better, but it also flows better as you scroll throughout the website, and makes you want to remain on the site. All in all, strategic spacing is crucial for a website to distinguish itself and effectively convey brand messaging.

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Armed with the tips I shared with you today, let’s say goodbye to those web design mistakes, and go forward and spruce up that digital space of yours! Here’s to designing a website that’s as healthy as the advice you offer!

If you want guidance and support with building a wellness website that attracts your dream health coaching clients – click here.

Together, we can build a gorgeous website that truly reflects who you are and showcases your unique brand and thriving health coaching business!

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I'm Kate,

an IIN health coach turned Showit website designer who stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

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I stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

As a result, I create branded Showit website designs for certified health coaches, so they can confidently share their website, and stand out in the crowded digital health and wellness space. 

Welcome to my online home, I’m so glad you’re here! 

I'm Kate,
an IIN Health Coach turned web designer.



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