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5 Reasons Why Every Health Coach Needs a Website

In our digitally-driven era, your health coaching business deserves a virtual home: a website! Let’s explore the 5 reasons why every health coach needs a website, and how it can be a game changer for your health coach brand and business. 

1. You own the platform

Building your entire health coaching business on social media platforms isn’t the best idea because you’re on “rented land.” Those platforms can shut down or glitch on a random Tuesday, or your account could get deleted. How would you stay in contact with the audience you worked so hard to build and grow?

Essentially, your wellness website is more stable than a social platform, and a great way to stay connected to your audience. You can provide a freebie on your website to capture emails and build an engaged email list of amazing people (your audience and clients) who are excited to hear from you in their inbox.

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2. Showcase your expertise 

Your website is like your digital business card. It’s the perfect place to showcase your qualifications, success stories, and the unique approach you bring to health coaching. As a certified integrative holistic health coach, you can display your certification badge from your health coaching school on your website. 

Display and share transformational stories from past clients, and share more about your story and wellness philosophy. You could also showcase your expertise through the blog content you post that offers tips and resources for your ideal clients.

A podcast or valuable freebie would also be great additional resources to add to your health coach website. All of these elements can dramatically increase your credibility, which is important for prospective clients interested in purchasing your health coaching programs or products.

3. Build trust with your ideal clients 

Having a wellness website adds a layer of credibility to your health coaching practice. Clients feel more confident in your services when they can easily find you online.

Social proof from client testimonials can significantly boost your credibility. What client transformations have past clients experienced?

You can contact past clients to gather written or video testimonials to add to your website. Also, adding before and after photos with testimonials can be very useful. 

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4. Expand your reach 

With the power of the internet, your website can attract clients from all around the world. Blogging is one of the biggest ways to expand your reach. Your ideal clients are probably searching for answers online about their biggest wellness challenges, and you can position your blog to be a helpful resource.

Over time, with a blogging SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, you might find your blog wellness content in the top search engine results. This can increase your visibility, credibility, and get your content and expertise front and center of your dream health coaching clients. 

5. Expand your product suite 

If you currently, or in the future, offer online courses or downloadable resources, your website can be the platform to display and host these products. Also, having all of your offerings on your wellness website can make it easy for prospective clients to view and enroll or purchase what you have to offer. 

As you can see, a branded health coach website is essential to your wellness business because it’s a strategic, long-term asset that can provide a wonderful ROI (return on investment) for your brand and business. 

If creating a website from scratch seems overwhelming and a bit time-consuming, I’d be happy to build a branded health coach website for your unique brand. Learn more about my custom wellness websites here, and leave the DIY website woes behind!

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I'm Kate,

an IIN health coach turned Showit website designer who stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

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I stood on the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and overcame my fear of heights.

This experience served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring me to embrace risk and wholeheartedly pursue my passions.

As a result, I create branded Showit website designs for certified health coaches, so they can confidently share their website, and stand out in the crowded digital health and wellness space. 

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I'm Kate,
an IIN Health Coach turned web designer.



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